Here’s an interesting stamp that I recently purchased and sold with a Ronald F. Steuer Attest.

It doesn’t look all that exciting, but it is Marshall Islands Scott # 1a Jaluit printing with a CV of $2200. For this first series of Marshall Islands stamps with overprint “MARSCHALL-INSELN” OF 1897-99 there were two printings of the lower four values; the Berlin and Jaluit printings. They can be distinguished by overprint flaws and BPP expertization is necessary! The second issue was changed to an overprint of “MARSHALL-INSELN”. But his is just the start of the story, as we must now consider the cancel and have to consult the Michel catalogue and Albert Friedemann’s works for this, as Scott does not take cancels into consideration. Just like the overprint, there were two canceller devices in use with both spellings. The above pictured stamp is Michel # 1 Ia. With the first cancel (MARSCHALL) it would have a CV of € 2600. But this stamp has the second cancel (MARSHALL) which gives it a CV of € 6500. What a difference the cancel makes!

I hope this was informative and please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any of your German Offices & Colonies needs!