What is Adobe Reader?

Why is it used?

Download it from?

Adobe Reader is a piece of free software provided by Adobe Corporation for viewing PDF documents. Many documents are distributed on the web using this format for ease of display. The current version Reader DC is confirmed to work with Win7 & Win10 environments. Selecting the Adobe Reader button will open a new window.

My screen is too small to view all the material on this site. The site is designed to be viewed on a 1024 X 768 screen without any scrolling from left to right. Depending on the setting of your display, you may have to scroll down, by using the scroll bar on the right side of the open window, to see all the material on a page. It is recommended that a setting of 1024 X 764, as a minimum, be used to effectively view the material on this site
I am a Show Manager for a show in Florida -- how do I get a listing?

Click on the Contact me button and we will be happy to give any show a basic listing, if you want a more detailed listing there is a fee of $25 and higher depending on how complex. See the Services section for more details. This listing can be maintained for up to one year before the show.

What browser should I use?

This is purely a matter of personal preference. Internet Explorer version 11 and Firefox 67.0.4 will work fine. The current version of Chrome seems to also work without trouble. You may have problems with MS Edge browser.

The state of software developement and web design needs drives the continued evolution of browsers. If you are using a browser that predates the above mentioned verions, you may have limited access to certain areas or features.